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Waive/Reduce BC Hydro Bills; Zoom for K-12; Minister of State for Child Care Is Here to Help

With over 1,000 people confirmed with COVID-19 in BC, on March 31, 2020, Premier John Horgan has announced that, the B.C. government formally extended the provincial state of emergency to April 14, 2020 (for more details, check:


BC Government facebook 網頁:;

省長賀謹的twitter 帳戶 : @jjhorgan).

Premier Horgan was announcing the formal extension of the provincial state of emergency on March 31, 2020
Premier Horgan was announcing the formal extension of the provincial state of emergency on March 31, 2020

(Originally posted on April 1, 2020)

On April 1, Premier Horgan at Victoria, together with Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources at Vancouver, announced the Government of British Columbia and BC Hydro are going to help people, small businesses and industries most impacted by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by Waiving and/or Reducing their BC Hydro Bills.

Bruce Ralston was announcing waive and reduce BC Hydro bills at Vancouver on April 30, 2020
Bruce Ralston was announcing waive and reduce BC Hydro bills at Vancouver on April 30, 2020

BC Educators will have an easy-to-use video-conferencing and collaboration platform to communicate remotely with their students while in-class learning is suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Education has secured and funded licences for the application Zoom for all K-12 public and independent schools in B.C. This will allow consistent access for educators who choose to use it, giving them more ways to communicate with students and parents.

Continued learning will vary for each school depending on the needs of students. Some options include online learning tools and/or resource packages or assignments emailed or mailed from teachers to parents. For educators who choose to offer online learning, Zoom gives them a common, consistent platform to communicate and share lessons with their students.

To ensure safety and privacy for students, the licensing agreement complies with B.C.’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. School technology administrators can control permissions and privileges, while disabling features that are unnecessary or inappropriate. Students will be given a unique website address, so they can access their virtual classroom without needing an individual account. The Zoom server will be based in Canada, with added encryption so it is a safe platform to learn.

Educators will receive access to Zoom through their school districts this month, along with simple instructions about how to use the software.

While teachers and schools will have primary responsibility for continuous learning, government also launched Keep Learning BC on March 27, 2020:

This is a central place where families can find ideas for everyday educational activities, links to free learning resources, as well as how to help children learn and how to ensure their well-being while they are at home. The websites will be updated on a regular basis with new materials. As of March 31, 2020, more than 136,000 visitors have accessed the Keep Learning BC website – an average of 33,786 a day.

Since there are many students who will have challenges working online, schools have also been directed to look at alternative approaches for continued learning that will fit with the individual needs and circumstances of their communities. Some school districts may also loan computer equipment or devices to support students while they learn from home.

Quick Fact:

A new ministerial order under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act enables the broader use of communications tools during the pandemic.

Learn More:

Accurate, timely information about schools, programs and educational services, including regularly updated frequently asked questions in multiple languages, is available at:




儿童厅长悉心为K-12 年级孩子提供帮助

卑诗省累计新冠病毒感染总人数过千,卑诗省长贺谨(John Horgan)2020年3月31日傍晚向省民发表电视讲话,宣布将本省紧急状态延长两周至4月14日。

省能源、矿业及石油资源厅长赖赐淳(Bruce Ralston)于4月1日下午在温哥华,与省长贺谨在维多利亚同步宣布疫情期间电费减免。






虽然教师和学校将肩负继续学习的主要责任,但卑诗省政府亦已于2020年3月27日启动了卑诗持续学习计划(Keep Learning BC)。在这个集中资源的平台上,各个家庭可找到日常教育活动的建议,并连结到免费学习资源、如何帮助子女学习,以及如何确保他们在家中的身心健康。网站将定期加入新资源及进行及时更新。截至2020年3月31日,已有超过136,693人使用卑诗持续学习计划网站,即平均每天有168,949人。








卑詩省緊急狀態 Zoom學習協作工具啟用 兒童廳長悉心為K-12 年級孩子提供幫助

卑詩省累計新冠病毒感染總人數過千,卑詩省長賀謹(John Horgan)2020年3月31日傍晚向省民發表電視講話,宣布將本省緊急狀態延長兩周至4月14日。

省能源、礦業及石油資源廳長賴賜淳(Bruce Ralston)於4月1日下午在溫哥華,與省長賀謹在維多利亞同步宣布疫情期間電費減免。






雖然教師和學校將肩負繼續學習的主要責任,但卑詩省政府亦已於2020年3月27日啟動了卑詩持續學習計劃(Keep Learning BC)。在這個集中資源的平台上,各家庭可找到日常教育活動的建議,並連結到免費學習資源,以及如何幫助子女學習,以及如何確保他們在家中的身心健康。網站將定期加入新資源及進行更新。截至2020年3月31日,已有超過136,693人使用卑詩持續學習計劃網站,即平均每天有168,949人。







Katrina Chen, Minister of State for Child Care, is here to help...儿童厅陈苇蓁厅长悉心为K-12 年级孩子​提供帮助。


- Child Care Prioritized for Essential Service Workers;

- K-12 learning is suspended in all classrooms;

- B.C. student loan payments are frozen for six months until September 30, 2020;

- The BC Emergency Benefit for Workers provides a one-time $1,000 payment for people who lost income;

- Employers must excuse workers for sickness without requiring a doctor’s note;

-  Taking unpaid, job-protected leave due to COVID-19;

- Support for renters and landlords include a new temporary rental supplement, halting evictions and freezing rents;

-  BC Hydro customers can defer payments or access grants to help pay their hydro bills;

- Translink fares and passes are not required.




For more information:;