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East Meets West: Poets and Arts Workshop Successfully Completed

"East Meets West: Poets and Arts Workshop" was successfully held online through Zoom meeting on Jan 8, 2022, Co-Hosted by WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society and Sureway Cultural Services.

This public event was conducted mainly in Chinese and some English.

Sincere thanks to:

League of Canadian Poets;

WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society;

Sureway Cultural Services

Sincere thanks to

the three guest poets: Mr. William Marr; Mr. Jialu Mi and Ms. Anna Yin

Three guest poets talked and read their poems and told their stories about how eastern and western arts have changed and inspired them, how poetry could be shaped and transformed from them.

Mr. William Marr, a Chinese American poet/artist, has published over 30 collections of poetry and several translations. His poetry has been translated into more than ten languages and is included in high school and college textbooks in Taiwan, China Mainland, England, and Germany. A former president of the Illinois State Poetry Society, he now lives in Chicago.

Mr. Jialu Mi, a Chinese American poet, has published a book of poetry in English and Chinese, edited two anthologies of poetry, and five studies of Chinese and Western poetics. He is an Associate Professor in the departments of English and World Languages & Cultures at The College of New Jersey. He is the Director of the Chinese Program at the college. He lives in Princeton with his family.

Ms. Anna Yin, was Mississauga’s Inaugural Poet Laureate (2015-2017) and has authored five collections of poetry and “Mirrors and Windows” -a book of poems and translations (Guernica Editions) in 2021. Her poems/translations have appeared at ARC Poetry, New York Times, China Daily, CBC Radio, World Journal etc. Anna won several poetry awards and also teaches Poetry Alive.

Ms. Anna and Mr. Mingfu were moderators for this event.

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