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The 9th Canada Intercultural Creative Festival and the 18th Giving Heart Community Feast 2023 Comple

With the generous support from BC Government and City of Burnaby, WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society hosted the annual Culture Days event: the 9th Canada Multicultural Creative Festival and the 18th Giving Heart Community Feast 2023 in Burnaby on Oct 13.

This event was free to public, representatives from cross-cultural learning and understanding groups and individuals, elders and youth, families and kids, military and veterans, immigrants and refugees, Indigenous, people with disabilities, poets and writers, artists and entrepreneurs, or those who were simply passionate about sharing and staying connected participated the event.

Through these events, we have been trying to connect the selected original stories around us, we will select the most inspiring stories to publish a traditional paper book/digital book to share with more people, to appreciate the important role that arts and culture play in strengthening communities, the well-being of individuals, and the vitality of our social fabric.

Submit your own story for the book or nominate someone:

778 863 5828

The deadline for submission: Monday, 11:59pm, December 18, 2023

Book presenting: Sunday, May 12, 2024 (the 10th Greater Van Asian Heritage Month and Mother/Father's Day Celebration 2024)


Congrats from MP Terry Beech:

Congrats from MLA Katrina Chan:

Greetings from MLA Henry Yao:

Greetings and Gift Book from City of Burnaby:

Rooted: Chinese Canadian Stories in Burnaby highlights the experiences and contributions of Chinese Canadian residents to the development of the City of Burnaby. This book is part of an ongoing commitment by the City of Burnaby to recognize the diverse roots of the community and to share stories of Burnaby’s unique history. It’s available at Burnaby Village Museum.


Moderator Maryam PA, WSIMS Vice Chair:

Welcome Speech by Jeff Jiang, WSIMS Vice Chair:



Community Contribution Award:

Sample Community Contribution Award

Volunteer Contributuion Award:

Sample Volunteer Contribution Award


Culture Performances:


Group Birthday Celebration:

As usually, we have a group birthday celebration for our gatherings. At the end of the event, we celebrated birthdays for those who are having birthdays in September, October and November.


Thanks to Goose King for donating the roast pig and goose:


Thanks to all our volunteers that volunteered their time for this event

(Photo credit: Aiying Li, Belisha Duan, Danran Li, Glynnis Chan, Guilian Zhang, Jeff Jiang, Jeffery Wang, June Huo, Lozan Yamolky, Lucy Liu, Ran Tao, Shirley Wang, Shelly Wu, Shumei Liu, Yitao Ye, Ying Wang and more)


This event on Culture Days official website:


Thanks for Fairchild TV:

Thanks for Talent Vision TV:


Sincere thanks to:


By attending WSIMS events, you agree: Visual Record Release & Liability Waiver

I hereby give my consent to WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society and its employees to photograph (still and/or moving) while I am working, volunteering or participating in any of their events (in-person or virtual). I understand my name and photograph (still and/or moving) can be used for educational and public relations purposes, at the discretion of WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society and and its employees and/or sponsors. This consent includes, but is not limited to: - Permission to interview, film, photograph, or otherwise make a video reproduction of me and/or record my voice; - Permission to use my name; - Permission to use quotes from the above listed media; and - I also understand that physical movement or interactive activities may take place during virtual events. I understand to participate based on my own physical ability. I fully release WSIMS and its employees from all liability in connection with my participation.


WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society (WSIMS) is an incorporated non-profit organization and a volunteer-based group. Over the decades it has been providing immigrant and refugee settlement services as well as intercultural services including free language and computer training, free support for seniors, women, children, youth, Indigenous people, people with disabilities, vulnerable people and other groups experiencing marginality. We also have been planning, organizing and hosting hundreds and thousands cross-cultural events, workshops, seminars, conferences, book launches, Discover World Culture series and more to create awareness, understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism, to build happier families, healthier communities and to foster intercultural harmony.

WS Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society (WSIMS) est une organisation à but non lucratif constituée en société et un groupe de bénévoles. Au fil des décennies, il a fourni des services d'établissement aux immigrants et aux réfugiés ainsi que des services interculturels, notamment une formation linguistique et informatique gratuite, un soutien gratuit aux personnes âgées, aux femmes, aux enfants, aux jeunes, aux Autochtones, aux personnes handicapées, aux personnes vulnérables et aux autres groupes en situation de marginalité. Nous avons également planifié, organisé et accueilli des centaines et des milliers d'événements interculturels, d'ateliers, de séminaires, de conférences, de lancements de livres, de séries Discover World Culture et plus encore pour créer une prise de conscience, une compréhension et une appréciation du multiculturalisme, pour construire des familles plus heureuses, des communautés plus saines et favoriser l'harmonie interculturelle.

文思移民与多元文化服务协会(WSIMS)作为正式注册的非营利组织和志愿者组织,始终以 “怀大爱、做小事” 为宗旨,秉承 “点燃激情、放飞梦想、感悟人生、分享美丽” 的理念,积极推动民族文化的传承、多元文化的融合及创新,激励人们实现各自的人生梦想。十多年来,一直提供力所能及的移民和难民安顿服务以及跨文化服务,包括免费语言和计算机培训、翻译服务、并为长者、妇女、儿童、青少年、土著人民、残疾人、弱势群体和其他处于边缘地位的群体提供公益服务;策划、组织和举办成百上千的跨文化活动、研讨会、鉴赏会、庆祝会、新书发布会、探索世界文化系列讲座等,以进一步提高对多元文化的认识、理解和欣赏,帮助建立更幸福的家庭、更健康的社区和进一步促进多元文化和谐发展。

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TikTok: @wsshara


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