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Thanks for Celebrating with WS for the Asian Heritage Month and Mother’s Day 2023

The 9th Greater Van Asian Heritage Month and Mother's Day Celebration 2023 was an immense success at Riverway Clubhouse on May 14, 2023.

Our deepest gratitude to our VIPs, sponsors, moderators, media friends, performing artists, and all our guests for your presence and support.

All your commitment to recognizing and celebrating the rich diversity of our community is truly commendable.

All your presence not only honored the occasion but also demonstrated your dedication to fostering inclusivity and promoting cultural awareness.

All your support not only helped raise awareness about the Asian heritage and its contributions but also highlighted the importance of embracing and cherishing our cultural diversity.

The selected individuals, community organizations, educational institutions, or businesses that representing cross-cultural communities, that have made significant contributions to our vision, that they have been fostering, promoting and celebrating the arts and cultural diversity will receive an award.

All the inspiring stories of the outstanding individuals, community organizations, educational institutions, businesses and outstanding mothers will be published in a digital book (in English and multiple languages). The book link will be shared after the event.

Nominate yourself, and/or an individual, community organization, educational institution, a business, or anyone that deserves recognition, please log into WSIMS’ official website and submit:

For those who that are willing to donate to partially cover the translation, editing, typesetting, design, printing and book publishing of the inspiring stories (this digital book will be post online), an online Interac-transfer through our email is greatly appreciated.

For more information, email