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PM Trudeau Started $82 billion Financial Help, Premier Horgan Announced Schools Suspended and More

“…make sure that no matter where you live, what you do, or who you are, you will get the support you need during this time…”

--The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada




(Originally posted on March 17, 2020)


PM Trudeau Announced $82 billion Financial Help

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that the Canada- U.S. border will close to all non-essential travel, and that the federal government is prepared to spend a combined $82 billion on direct financial help and economic stimulus in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

PM Trudeau Announced $82 billion Financial Help on March 18, 2020
PM Trudeau Announced $82 billion Financial Help on March 18, 2020

Among the “extraordinary” aid measures unveiled: deferring the tax deadline, boosting the Canada Child Benefit, wage subsidies for small businesses, and targeted assistance for vulnerable demographics to help “bridge to better times.”

The prime minister said that all Canadians will feel the consequences of COVID-19, and many are wondering how long the current restrictions are going to last, and whether they can endure them.

PM Trudeau said the government’s suite of measures are meant to “make sure that no matter where you live, what you do, or who you are, you will get the support you need during this time.”

“In Canada, public health should never hinge on financial considerations,” Trudeau said.

Moments before PM Trudeau began speaking, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the border between Canada and the United States will be "temporarily" closed to tourists and visitors, "by mutual consent."

The major new economic measures that the federal government is taking in response to COVID-19 include $27 billion in direct assistance to workers and families, as well as making $55 billion available in liquidity to businesses to help stabilize the economy.

Speaking from self-isolation for the third time in as many days, the prime minister addressed the nation on the latest moving parts in his government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He said he remains symptom-free.

Sickness benefits beyond EI: For Canadians without paid sick leave or access to employment insurance sickness benefits, the government is introducing a new Emergency Care Benefit that will provide up to $900 bi-weekly for up to 15 weeks. The benefit, which the government estimates could cost up to $10 billion, is for workers who must self-isolate, those who are caring for a family member sick with COVID-19 and parents who are unable to earn income while schools are closed as a result of child-care duties.

Unemployment benefits beyond EI: Ottawa will also be extending income supports to workers who lose their jobs or see their hours reduced as a result of the pandemic.

The Canada Revenue Agency will provide up to $5 billion for unemployed workers without access to EI through the new Emergency Support Benefit.

Economists had been calling on the government to introduce paid leave for those who typically are ineligible for EI benefits, such as freelancers, contractors, shift workers and those who labour in the gig economy.

Wage subsidy: To help prevent layoffs, the government is also eyeing a measure that would provide businesses struggling with the economic impact of COVID-19 with a subsidy equal to 10 per cent of employee wages, up to $1,375 per employee and $25,000 per employer.

Income supports: Trudeau said Ottawa will also temporarily boost the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) over the coming months. The government is proposing to boost the maximum annual CCB payment amounts by $300 per child for the 2019-20 benefit year.

Families receiving the CCB will get an extra $300 per child as part of their May payment, the government said.

Ottawa will also double the maximum annual Goods and Services Tax Credit (GSTC), providing an average income boost of $400 for low-income income individuals and close to $600 for couples.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau told reporters single parents could be eligible for up to $1,500 in support from the two measures combined.

Tax deadline postponed: Ottawa is moving the tax-filing deadline from April 30 to June 1 for individuals, mirroring a similar move implemented in the U.S. Individual taxpayers will also be able to defer payments on taxes owed to August 31 interest-free.

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada welcomed the decision to move the tax deadline. However, the association also noted that Ottawa “did not provide a comprehensive update on all tax deadlines including some quickly approaching.”

Moratorium on student loan payments: Trudeau said the government is also proposing a six-month, interest-free moratorium on the repayment of federal student loans.

Lower mandatory withdrawals for retirees: Morneau said Canadian retirees will be allowed to make smaller withdrawals from their retirement accounts.

Help for Canadian businesses: The Canadian government will allow businesses to defer payments of income tax amounts until after Aug. 31. No interest or penalties will accumulate.

The government will also increase the tax credits available to small, medium and large businesses.

Trudeau was followed by Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz, who elaborated on new economic supports aimed at offsetting the wide-ranging impacts of the novel coronavirus outbreak and subsequent shutdowns.

"COVID-19 is having a significant impact on our economy, an impact that continues to evolve. At this stage, the full breadth and the scope of the impact remain unknown,” Morneau said. "Clearly the impacts of this pandemic have been profound and will continue to be profound. Households and businesses are already feeling the effects.”


BC Premier Announced Province Emergency and Schools Suspended Indefinitely

Given the current status of the COVID-19 outbreak, Premier John Horgan announced that the B.C. government has suspended all schools in the province until further notice to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 On Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

BC Premier Announced Schools Suspending Indefinitely on March 17, 2020

While the majority of provincial public schools are already on spring break, any remaining schools that have not yet closed are being directed to do so now.

Minister of Education Rob Fleming emphasized that we have been taking action to protect our students and staff.


Joyful Seniors Home

More Seniors Welcome and more Volunteers are Appreciated

The volunteers from the WS Multicultural Services Society have been helping elders to shop over the years, especially since the Coronavirus outbreak, helping some elders with a higher risk of going out is getting more often. According to their shopping lists, we help them shopping at various merchants, and then deliver them to their home for free. In the process, we learned that little more elderly people live alone. Although our volunteers have been helping them to shop and basically meet their needs for material life, their loneliness and fear of the epidemic are not really resolved, so we are willing to try our best to have many "Joyful Seniors Home" to house as many elderly people who really need help to live together under the eaves of many large houses. All expenses are shared according to actual expenses. Volunteers contribute their own time, energy and caring to take care of these elders 24 hours: provide exquisite and delicious three meals a day and two snacks; provide one separate room for each senior; have at least one seminar on topics of concern from the elderly each day; visits by doctors and nurses and perform regular physical examinations once every week; small special art performances thoughtfully prepared for the elderly once a week; drive and company the elderly to go out to see doctors, thus hopefully really allows them to enjoy their old age carefree. If you want to volunteer, and you, or any of your relatives and friends need such “group home” help, feel free to send email to, or call / text at 778 863 5828.


Sites for COVID-19 Updates and

Free Consultation

Suggestion for trusted Information Sources:

  • BC Centre for Disease Control ( has the most accurate and up-to-date information on COVID-19. Dr. Bonnie Henry and the Health Minister generally brief the public at 3:30 pm on weekdays, which is available live from many social media platforms, radio and TV channels including Titter @BCGovNews, BC1, Global BC (Facebook live-stream:, etc.;

Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry & Health Minister Adrian Dix were giving daily updates to media on COVID19

With the Wuhan experience and the caring to all the people over the world, many Chinese doctors now are seeing Coronavirus related patient online for free: WeDoctor Global Consultation and Prevention Centre (available in English and in Chinese):


Shopping Suggestions

Canada is so vast and materially scarce. Because of the COVID-19, I have recently seen many reports of short-selling supermarkets, and many people are asking: Where can I buy mouth masks? Where can I get hand sanitizer? Where has the toilet paper? …Here I will share my very own shopping experiences, and I hope it is helpful to you.

N95 mouth masks, occationally are available at various Canadian Tire stores around Greater Vancouver area; hope to save more those masks for the medcial staff who are working closely with COVID-19 patients 大温哥华地区各个加拿大轮胎店偶尔有少量 N95 口罩出售;希望更多这样的口罩能够留给与新冠患者密切接触的医务人员

N95 mouth masks, occationally are available at the Home Depot stores around Greater Vancouver area; make sure to check their websites or call to comfirm before you go shopping 在大温哥华的多个 The Home Depot stores,偶尔有少量 N95 口罩出售,去之前你最好先查询他们的网站或是打电话确认一下,以免跑了空路

Various mouth masks at PlanetClean, photo taken in Feb. 2020

PlanetClean 店里有各种口罩,但这是2月份我去时拍的照片

Delon Hand Sanitizer at Costco Richmond, photo taken on March 13, 2020

2020年3月13日Costco Richmond 有免洗消毒擦手液

Masks, hand sanitizer, hand soap and more at Various Canadian Tire stores, and some of them are even on sale 各个加拿大轮胎店有多种多样的口罩、免洗消毒擦手液、洗手液等,而且还打折!

Lot of toilet paper at Super Store 厕纸储量丰富

Plenty of rice and more at Beautiful Save on Food

Save on Food 食品丰富,还洋溢着节日的气氛

Fresh fruits and vegetables at T & T are a good source to help you to stay health


Stay strong, supportive, kind and caring for each other, and look out for our neighbours and communities, together we can beat COVID-19!

Followed in Chinese








特鲁多总理宣布,加拿大将提供270亿元直接帮助受疫情影响的工人,同时提供550亿元用于帮助家庭和企业税务延付(tax deferrals),总额高达820亿元,约占GDP的3%。

特鲁多总理说,为了帮助就业,政府将为小商家提供为期三个月的临时薪资补贴,金额为员工工资的10%, 最高每位员工1375元,每位雇主最多25000元。

对于受疫情影响失去工作,又不符合资格申请失业保险金(EI)的人,政府将发放应急援助福利金(Emergency Support Benefit),每人每两周900元,最长15周,共计$6750加元,从下个月开始申请。

针对1200万中低收入家庭,政府将提供额外帮助,将于2020年5月初通过GST免税额发放一次性特殊款额,这将使2019-2020年度GST支付额加倍, 这相当于每个孩子增加400元,每对夫妇600元。

为帮助家长,加拿大儿童福利金的金额将在未来几个月上涨。针对350多万个有孩子的家庭,政府将在2019-2020年度增加牛奶金(CCB,Canada Child Benefit),每个儿童增加300元。平均而言,每个家庭大约增加550元,金额将在5月开始发放。

关于个人税,截止时间从2020年4月30日延至2020年6月1日;税务局鼓励有退税的人早报税,以便早拿GST 返款。

关于企业税: 从今日起至2020年9月之前的欠税,包括Income Tax Instalment,可延至9月1日支付,期间不计利息和罚金。联邦出口发展部将有额外措施,帮助受影响的商家。



关于国际旅行:从2020年3月18日开始,加拿大边境已经对大多数非加拿大公民/永久居民关闭。美国总统川普也在Twitter 上推送了这一消息。国际航班全部转到四个机场降落,入境人员在机场要接受严格的检疫,并且所有回加拿大的人员都必须隔离14天。




联邦财长莫尔诺 (Bill Morneau) 和央行行长波洛兹 (Stephen Poloz) 随后宣布,将援助受疫情冲击导致大范围关闭停摆的国家经济。财政援助方案包括:直接把钱发给加拿大个人和家庭;帮助受冲击最严重的行业;放宽经济刺激措施等。





鉴于目前新冠疫情爆发的情况,2020年3月17日(星期二),卑诗省省长约翰·霍根(BC Premier John Horgan)宣布省内所有学校无限期停课,直到另行通知开学,以有效防止新冠病毒的传播。


教育部长罗伯·弗莱明(Rob Fleming)强调说,我们一直在采取积极行动,以有效保护我们的学生和教职员工。



文思多元文化协会的义工们多年以来一直在帮助一些社区内的长者购物,尤其是新冠疫情爆发以来,帮助一些出门风险指数较高的长者,根据他们的购物清单,帮助他们在各个商家购物,然后免费送到他们的家里。在这个过程中,我们更加了解到更多的长者都是独自一人生活,虽然义工们帮忙购物基本满足了他们物质生活的需要,但是他们的孤独和对疫情的恐惧并没有得到真正的解决,尤其是现在各项社区活动几乎都关闭了的情况下,所以我们愿意在力所能及的情况下,设立更多的“快乐长者之家”,帮助少量急需帮助的长者,在一个大房子的同一个屋檐下共同生活,所有开销按实际开支分摊,义工们贡献各自的时间和爱心,24小时照顾这些长者:提供精美可口的一日三餐两点心;提供一人一个单独房间;每天有至少一场长者关注话题的专题讲座;每周有医生和护士探访,并进行常规身体检查;每周一次为长者们精心准备的小型专场文艺演出;开车接送陪伴长者外出,实实在在的让他们无忧无虑的安享晚年。如果您、或者您的亲戚好友需要这样的帮助,请发送电邮至, 或致电/短信 778 863 5828。




  • 卑诗省疾病控制中心


省首席卫生官邦妮·亨利(B​​onnie Henry)博士和卫生部长阿德里安·迪克斯(Adrian Dix)通常在每个工作日的下午3:30向公众通报新冠疫情,可通过多个社交媒体平台、广播和电视频道收看,包括但不限于Titter @ BCGovNews,BC1,Global BC(直播Facebook:https:/等;

卑诗省首席卫生官邦妮·亨利(B​​onnie Henry)博士和卫生部长阿德里安·迪克斯

(Adrian Dix)向公众通报新冠疫情Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix was giving the daily updates to media on COVID-19 on March 17, 2020


卑诗省新冠热线,已经由811更改为:888-268-4319 (888-COVID19).




99.9% Antibacterial Multi Purpose Cleaner at Walmart with shocking price

Walmart 有99.9% 杀菌的清洗液,价格非常优惠

Costco providing wet towel for every customer at the entrance

Cotco 贴心滴给每位进店顾客递上消毒湿纸巾

Hand soap at Save on Food Richmond

Save on Food Richmond 供应洗手液

Plenty of rice and oil at Rice World, Plus your favorite LaoGanMa chili sauce





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