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Tagore Festival 2018 Completed Successfully

Vancouver Tagore Festival 2018

Vancouver Tagore Festival 2018

Tagore Festival 2018 was held successfully at Gateway Theatre on September 8. More than 100 people participated this wonderful event despite of heavy rain. Tanmai Bhatia and Zahur Ashrafuzzaman hosted the festival.

Tirthankar Bose and Duke Ashrafuzzaman, Founding Presidents of Vancouver Tagore Society did the warm-hearted Opening speech “Tribute to Lee Tan”.

World Poetry with Vancouver Tagore Society

The beautiful Tagore Songs "Anondoloke Mongol Aloke" "Aguner Poroshmoni" were performed by the students of Vancouver Tagore Society Workshop Series.

Woven World Tapestry of Words by World Poetry Reading Series Poem

Woven World Tapestry of Words by World Poetry Reading Series Poem

Woven World Tapestry of Words by World Poetry Reading Series Poem: Gitanjali-11 by Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali version "ভজনপূজনসাধনআরাধনা" read by Mandakranta, English version "Gitanjali-11" read by Herb, Jemma, and Selene; Jaqueline in French; Sophia in Mandarin; Ariadne in Spanish; Peter in German, Bong Ja in Korean, and Lozan in Kurdish and Arabic.

Bharatanatyam “Swami Naan Undan Adimai - A Varnam Extract”, Hindustani Classical Music, and Raindrop: A Quest for Love, A musical theatre presented by Vancouver Tagore Society.

The story of the musical revolves around two parallel plots of love between two humans and two natural elements. Dhora is a seemingly flamboyant young woman whose heart yearns for love and commands her to look for her soulmate. But her strong sense of mundane responsibility restrains her. Dhora is also the seemingly moist village soil but getting dry inside in the summer drought. She too thirsts for rain from Shyamal, the Dark Cloud; but she is not ready yet and must undergo changes to embrace and enjoy the cloudburst.

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