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Watching world cup soccer Chile vs. Brazil in South America on June 28, 2014

I happened to have a chance to watch world cup soccer Chile vs. Brazil right in Chile.

There were passionate fans here and there all over the streets and in the bars in Santiago, Vina Del Mar and Valparaiso, Chile. They were cheering, singing, dancing, and a lot of them wearing craze hats and colourful face paining.

When we drove by a gas station, we met two police cars stopped there, and the two policemen were standing together with other fans in front the little TV there, cheering for their team. I guess the police could have a rest at that time as almost the whole nation was busy with nothing else but watching world cup.

On June 29, 2014, when we drove to the airport, we saw Chilean fans' cars lined up for kilometres from the airport, waving Chilean flags, to welcome their soccer heroes coming home.


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