Richmond First is Working to Get Things Done for the Entire Community

Organized by Canada Community Coalition on August 8, Richmond First Council Candidates announced new policies that they are planning to bring to Richmond City Hall after the October election.

Mr. Kiichii Kumaga is the chairman of the Richmond First Party and the campaign manager of the October City Election. Mr. Bill McNulty is a senior city councillor and is the most well-known figure for “Richmond's dynamically motivated”. Derek Dang has been a Richmond City Council for 20 years and is a senior politician. Sunny Ho is a leader of Canadian restaurant industry and the chairman of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. He is also a very well-known entrepreneur. Social activist and entrepreneur Peter Liu, who joined the Richmond First team in 2014, was elected to the run for city council this year and hopes to provide better services in urban construction.

Bill McNulty, the senior city councillor in Richmond, announced new policies that they are planning to bring to Richmond City Hall after the October election to establish a “safe, healthy, livable and open” Richmond, which include but not limited to:

  1. Support business development, support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurship of young people, and provide preferential policies.

  1. Make Richmond a more open and fair community, and become a real multicultural city with equal and harmonious development for all ethnic groups.

  1. Increase police force and ensure community safety (40 new police officers have been hired and 175 intersection traffic cameras have been implemented).

  1. Won’t support retail marijuana in Richmond.

  1. Promote the reconstruction and expansion of Richmond City Hospital, and hope to build a very safe working environment for all doctors and nurses in Richmond Hospital to provide better services for patients.

  1. Provide more medical services to the elderly. By 2025, the middle-aged and elderly who are over 50 years old in Richmond will exceed half of the urban population. The hospital urgently needs more medical resources to serve the elderly.

  1. Maintain Richmond as the city with the lowest property taxes in the Greater Vancouver area.

  1. Introduce more rentable and affordable units to enable those who cannot afford to buy a home and wish to come to work and settle down in Richmond to find a better living environment.

The representative from the Canada Community Coalition stated that their objective is toinvolve more of our citizens in local government, support excellent candidates from all across our great City, and conduct assessment and supervision to the successful candidates on behalf of the community. Canada Community Coalition encouraged everyone to show their responsibilities as citizens, cherish their voting rights, actively participate in election campaigns, and select the outstanding candidates who truly service for the community and ethnic groups. Community Community Coalition appealed to everyone to use the ballots in their hands to send out the voices of various ethnic groups.

Richmond First Team

On Saturday, October 20, Cast your vote for Richmond First Councillors and Trustees:

Council Candidates

Andy Hobbs

Bill McNulty

Derek Dang

Linda McPhail

Peter Liu

Sunny Ho

(Richmond First Council Candidates, from left to right: Bill McNulty, Derek Dang, Kiichii Kumaga, Linda McPhail, Sunny Ho, and Peter Hai Liu)

Trustee Candidates

Donna Sargent

Elsa Wong

Eric Yung

Jason Zhen Ning Li

Norman Goldstein

(Richmond First School Trustee Candidates, from left to right: Norman Goldstein, Eric Yung, Donna Sargent, Elsa Wong, and Jason When Ning Li)

Main Things Richmond First Has Done for City of Richmond:


  • Hired 40 new police officers to protect our community

  • Improved fire and emergency response

  • Built 3 new fire halls to post-disaster standard and updated others

  • Implementing 175 intersection traffic cameras to save lives


  • Supporting farmers and local agriculture

  • Enhancing parks in the downtown core

  • Improved the Garden City land for all

  • Advocating no retail marijuana in Richmond

  • Led the initiative (since November 2015) for a new Richmond Hospital

  • Endorsed a Seniors Strategy for 13% of our population


  • Championed 1,600 affordable housing units including Kiwanis and Storeys Housing

  • Doubled affordable housing contributions from developers from 5% to 10%

  • Championed Richmond’s affordable housing and market rental policy

  • Added 150 new child care spaces supporting families

  • Supported increased bus service and twinning of the Massey Tunnel

  • Building a new Lawn Bowling Club House, Animal Shelter, Active Living and Aquatic Centre, Steveston Community Centre and Community Soccer Centre

  • Stopped Mega-Houses and Protected Farmland


  • Maintained low property taxes

  • Strengthened and supported small businesses

  • Respecting all communities, maintaining harmony and inclusivity

  • Continually working to improve the quality of life for all Richmond citizens

Authorized by Financial Agent Kiichi Umagai 604 285 6273

Richmond First Trustee Candidates

Will work for Richmond Community and are committed to:

  • Success for all students

  • A safe, caring environment for staff and students

  • Decision-making with stakeholders and the community

  • Strong advocacy for Public Education

  • Transparent, accountable governance

Richmond First Open House:

Time: September 8, 2018 14:00-15:30pm

Place: 120 - 8171 Ackroyd Road, Richmond, BC (facing Richmond Price Smart)

Event: announced new policies, meet the candidates, induce volunteers

Volunteers Positions Open for: phone calls, knocking doors, signs setting up, data input, organizing events, deliver flyers, etc.

(Info credit: Richmond Community Coalition)

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