Touching Canada Writing and Most Inspirational Writing 2017

January 9, 2018

For the writers haven't received the award certificate and the gift book Celebrate Canada 150 & Culture Days: Multicultural Creative Writing Collection 2017, if you are still interested to have a copy, send the postage to via Paypal to get your gift book and award certificate if mailing is needed; if you are at Vancouver area, schedule a pick up please!

Please note: one book for one writer is free as our appreciation; postage CAD $8 per book within Canada, $18/book to mail to the U.S.A, and $48/book to mail to any other countries rather than Canada and the U.S.A; will send the award certificate together with the gift book if applicable. 


Touching Canada Writing 2017


Agassiz, by William Chen 
Allegro – Wild Berry, by Jude Neale 
Altered State, by Joyce Goodwin 
A Poem of Gratitude, by Cheonhak Kwon 
Canada – My Second Mother, by Bernice Lever 
Dare to Dream, by Janet Harvey 
Driving Down Memory Lane from Germany to Alberta and B.C., by Andrea Winterbottom 
Forest Torn, by Carol Cram 
In Search of Light, by Ashok Bhargava 
John McRae, by Barry Plamondon 
Resilience – for Robert Davidson, Haida painter of the transformative Southeast Wind, by David Haskins 
The Crow Piper of Kits Beach, by Ariadne Sawyer 
The Hotel Swimming Pools, by Alan Hill 
Tongueless in Vancouver, by Pushpa N. Parekh / 29 Vancouver, the Beautiful and Warm City, by Harris Niu 



Most Inspirational Writing 2017


A Bird and a Group of Ducks, by Yu Xiu 
A Canadian Girl Rescue Story, by Lausanne Yamolky 
A Movie in the Making, by Sylvia Mahal 
A Treasure to Run, by Grace LCuenca 
A Wine that Bridges the Gap between Culture and Distance, by Helena Liu / 41 All Because of the Wind, by Lo-Fu, translation by Jan W. Walls 
An Anatomy of a Life, by Celeste Snowber 
Autumn Rhyme, by Peter Meng 

Beautiful Vancouver, by Hai-Mo 
Beyond the Smoke, by Lo-Fu, translation by Yvonne L. Walls 
Black Man on Pender Street 1958, by Bill Marles 
Blossom Where I Planted, by John Liguo Zhang 
Canada and Me-My Immigrant Story, by Huitian Yin 
Canada and Me-Returning to Campus, by Tracy Xiang 
Canada and Me, by Janine Hu 
Canada and Me, by Rebecca Song 
Canada mayri jaan, by Mahe Jabeen Baig
Canada Welcomes You, by Jiayue Hu 
Canada-Icing on the Cake, by Fransisca Soerjono 
Canadian Silhouette, by Leshan Duan 
Chant and Songs to Chinese Canadian Solders, by Xian He / 65 3 Country of Maple Leaves, by Andy Chen 
Couplets Calligraphy for Canada 150, by Zhiqiang Qiu 
Crow Neighbour, by Xiaojun Huang 
Cuihua - Tattoo on the Back of the Hand, by Nanchuan Zheng 
Cutest Canadian, by Peizhen Zhang 
Drama: Dating, By Cloud Huang 
Dear M, by Soramaru Takayama 
Destruction for Creation and Peace, by Ajay K. Garg 
Dr. Miyazaki, by Sterling Haynes 
Driftwood, by Lo-Fu, translation by Sophia Zhang 
Early Autumn at Vancouver, by Frank Xi 
Easter Parade, by Neall Ryon 
Enjoy My Life in Vancouver, by Yitao Ye 
Feisha Culture Forum: Strength from Absence of Strife, by Jingsheng Ren 
Fluffy Catkins-Immigrant to Vancouver, by Liang Chen and Fei Guo 
From Scratch Again, by Annie Liu 
Gift Poem from Vancouver, by Xiaoming Zhuang 

Grass-green Vitamin, by Cheonhak Kwon, translation by Hana Kim / 94 Guqin, my Love, by Diana Tong 
Haiku-the Ode to Canada, by Shuang Lin 
Happiness, by Heng Zhang 

Happy Birthday, Canada, by Deborah Kelly 
Heavenly Spring Flowers in Vancouver, by Gian Singh Kotli / 101 How I Make Friends with an Artist, by Rosanna Ha 
I Lived and Loved to the Maximum, by Chris Toda 
I Love Beautiful Canada, by Scarlett Yang 
I Love Canada, by Xinlei Zhu 
I Love My Family, by Xuesong Wu, translation by Mingfu Liu / 108 In the Region of Peace, by Lily Chen 

4 Jack-O-Lantern, by David Zhang 
Joy and Melancholy in the Autumn, by Yanru Ren 
King or Losers - My Employment Story in Canada, by Xiaojuan Guo / 112 Leather Coat, by Stephanie Li 
Leaves Fall One by One, by Anita Aguirre-Nieveras 
Life, by Lei Wang 
Light of the World, by Phil Ransom 
Listen to me, Canada Geese, by Jiazhuang Shen, translation by Mingfu Liu 

Living in Richmond, by Hongwei Zhang 
Lo-Fu: from Great Poet to World Aesthetics, by Yaping Jiang 
Look for Shared Accommodation, by Elke Babicki 
Louise Lake, by Fei-Ma 
Love Vancouver, by Guoquan Li 
Lushi: Beautiful Spring in the Rocky Mountains, by Qida Wang 
Mandala Autobiographical Essay, by Will Zhang 
Mayor at The Farm Market, by Mu Han 
Meet Vancouver, by David Jiang 
Memory of the Region in Downstream of the Yangtze River·Beautiful Frazer River, by Zonghui Cheng 
Middle Autumn Festival, by Ying Wang 
Moraine Lake, by Shunan Li 
Morning Dew, by Yue Zhang 
Ms. Qhairuan, by Fred Gao 
My Heartfelt Thanks to Canadian Medical System and Staff, By Guolan Lang
My Journey of Learning Canada, by Mingfu Liu 
My Life in Canada, by Yiyang Zhang
My Neighbourhood, by Na Kapitany 
My Passion and The Joy of Volunteering with Immigrants, by Sophia Zhang 
New to Vancouver, by Nan-Shan
Niagara Falls, by Lidia Chiarelli / 154 5 Niagara Falls, By Xiaoya Sun 
Northern Lights and Niagara Falls, by Tianji Xie 
O Canada, by Bong Ja Ahn 
Ode to Vancouver, by Baozhong Li 
Our Canada, by Janet Kvammen 
Our Friend Jerry, by Songlin Zhou 
Patients with Heimer’s Disease: Happiness Is Being Taken Care of, by Cuilian Gong 
Poems for Vancouver, by Nan Lin 
Poems for Vancouver, by Yan Zhang 
Praise to Kirin, a Nurse with Motherly Love, by Henry Chen 
Praying for Peace, by Janice Zhang & Feng Zhou
Purchasing Old Books, by Renji Luo

Qin Opera and Me, by Yan Zhao 
Rebirth, by Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon 
Red Dancing Shoes, by Juzhen Wu 
Remembering former Overseas Chinese for Canada 150, by Ronald Chance 

Reunion, by Sheng-Kun, translation by Mingfu Liu / 175 Roses on Valentine’s Day, by Qing-Yang 
Sea Breeze and Sea Waves, by Jeff Wang 
Smiles in Vancouver, by Aiying Li 

Snow again in Vancouver, by Cory Zhang 
Speech for Celebrating Canada 150, by Eric Sunzeto 
Strength, by Dominique Plamondon 
Sumer of 91, by John Goossen 
The 360° West Coast Sunset Memoir, by Caroline Nazareno-Gabis / 182 The beginning of Winter, by Mingxiang Chen
The Canadian Girl Going to Thailand, by Dongdong Huang 
The Eagle Circle Flying, by Chun Lin

6 The Feelings of the Elderly, by Bosheng Xie 
The Four Seasons of Canada, by Linda Qiongling Deng 
The Land of Beauty and Love, by Monsif Beroual 
The Left-behind Moms’ Amazing Journey, by Nan-Yan 
The Little Town I Live, by Daniel Wu 
The Maple Leaf Forever, by Susy L. Tian 
The Moon and the Cuckoo-for Danzanravjaa, by Hadaa Sendoo / 196 The Soul of Rocky Mountains, by Bi-Gong 
The Sound of the Moon, by Aaron Han 
The Story about Learning Chinese, by Huiren Yin 
The Story of Coffee, by Lihong Zheng 
Thinking of the Ancient Poets in the Selkirk Mountains, by Gu Wen / 203 This Is Canada, by Bamdev Sharma 
This is What a Canadian Winter Felt Like, by Joelle Xie 
Those Star-Studded Canadians, by Da-Shu 
Three Stories Happened in the State of Civilization, by Jinglian Wu / 212 To Qiao, by Ya-Xian, translation by Sophia Zhang 
To the Lotus, by Jiaying Ye, translation by Tommy Tao

Tom Chu’s Grave and the Common Area, by Jeff Wang 
Trip to Nunavut, Northern Canada, by Robert Vossov, translated by Fan-Fan / 219 Undeliverable Love Letters, by Huiqin Liu 
Vera, Bill, and Porcelain Vases, by Mandy H. M. Wu
What I Like about Canada, by Danielle Marr 
When It Comes to Canada, what do We Think of, by Anna Liu 
Whisper Breeze, by Anita Lo
Whisper from Vancouver, by Youxin Yan 
Why do They Pay so much Attention to Sports for North American Children's Education, by Lei He 
Women around the World, by Julien Hoquet, translation by Shanshui Ruge 




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