Outstanding Members & Volunteers杰出理事,会员及义工

There are many volunteers and members as followed, who are dedicated to help others and contribute to the community. There are many stories like followed happending at WSIMS everyday. We look forward to working with you and hearing your story some day...

Sophia Xinyuan Zhang,  a long-time supporter of community programs and city services, editor for Chinese Literary newspapers. As an administrator, facilitator, communication coordinator, writer, poet, teacher, auxiliary city employee, and a passionate volunteer, Zhang has planned, organized and hosted many community events at Richmond Public library, Vancouver Public library as well as many other community places including the Discover World Culture Series.


Zhang is passionate about literacy as well as creative writing, currently she serves as founding chairman of WS Immigrant & Multicultural Services Society; Director and board member of World Poetry Canada International; Director and board member of Canada Chinese Poetry Association; Director and board member of Chinese Canadian PEN Centre, Director and Board member of Global Women Federation of Commerce of Canada, as well as many other non-profit organizations.


Zhang has a number of publications on both English and Chinese newspapers as well as various networks. Published books include: A Feast for the Mind and Heart - Multicultural Creative Writing Collection 2015; Commemorate Poet Luo-Fu's Life in Richmond.


Zhang has extensive experience working with immigrants to facilitate multicultural education and is an effective advocate in supporting people to achieve their life goals.

Cheonhak Kwon, Director of WSIMS, debuted through the literary journal Hyundae Munhak, and served as a member of Jindan Si, a poetry society in South Korea.  She immigrated to Canada in 2008, and was awarded the Kyung Hee University Overseas Korean Literary Award in 2010 for the short story "Stuffed Cucumber Kimchi."  Kwon was also awarded the Distinguished Poet Award in 2015 by Writers International Network Canada.  Kwon is an active member of PEN International, the Society of Korean Poets, and the World Sijo Poet Forum.  Her poetry collections include Silvery Fish Caught in a Net (Korean), 2H₂+O₂=2H₂O and Love is the Pain of Feverish Flowers (translated into English by Hana Kim), and Making a Phone Call to the Heart of an Empty City (translated into Japanese by Yoshitoshi Kanazawa and Taek-myeong Kwon).


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