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Trudeau Announced $1B+ COVID-19 Response Fund 暖心!特鲁多总理拨款10亿元防疫抗疫

Updated: Mar 12

Warm Hearted Quote:

“…I want all premiers and all Canadians to know, our government is here for you, we will make sure you have everything you need…”

--The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada




Justin Trudeau was at the National Press Theatre announcing $1b COVID-19 budget 特鲁多总理宣布1亿加元新冠预算

Soon after creating the new Cabinet Committee on COVID-19 on March 4th, 2020, and just hours after the World Health Organization (WHO) officially called the global spread of the virus a pandemic, together with Bill Morneau, Canada’s Minister of Finance; Patty Hajdu, Canada’s Minister of Health; Theresa Tam, the Chief Public Health Officer and more, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a more than $1 billion COVID-19 Response Fund to help Canadians and the world to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak.

In addition to continuing our work to ensure a coordinated response across the country, the Government of Canada is proposing new investments to respond in Canada and around the world. These investments will include actions to:

  • Help Canadians make informed decisions and take action to protect their health and their communities by providing $50 million to support the Public Health Agency of Canada’s COVID-19 communications and public education efforts.

  • Further support public health preparedness by providing $500 million to provinces and territories for critical health care system needs and to support mitigation efforts as needed. This could include help to support with access to testing, acquisition of equipment, and to enhance surveillance and monitoring. Financial considerations should not and will not be an obstacle to hospitals and health systems making the necessary preparations.

  • Provide support to workers in quarantine or who have been directed to self-isolate who will claim Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefits by waiving the mandatory one-week waiting period so they can be paid for the first week of their claim. We are exploring additional measures to support other affected Canadians, including income support for those who are not eligible for EI sickness benefits.

  • Introduce enhancements to the Work-Sharing program to help support employers and their workers who are experiencing a downturn in business due to COVID-19. Work-sharing helps keep workers employed and able to receive income support even as their hours of work may be reduced. These enhancements will double the length of time that employers and workers are eligible to use work-share from 38 to 76 weeks, and streamline processes so help can be accessed as soon as possible.

  • Support federal public health measures such as enhanced surveillance, increased testing at the National Microbiology Laboratory, and ongoing support for preparedness in First Nations and Inuit communities, by providing $100 million. This is in addition to an initial $50 million that was provided to support the immediate public health response.

  • Enhance Canada’s capacity in research and development, including research on medical countermeasures, including antivirals, vaccine development and support for clinical trials, by providing $275 million in additional funding building on top of the recent $27 million announcement to fund coronavirus research in Canada.

  • Ensure adequate supplies of personal protective equipment like surgical masks, face shields, and isolation gowns by providing $50 million to the Public Health Agency of Canada to support purchases for provinces and territories, as well as to address federal needs.

  • Address the worldwide outbreak and help more vulnerable countries prepare for and respond to the virus by contributing an additional $50 million to support the efforts of the World Health Organization and other partners.

To support businesses should the economy experience tightening credit conditions, the Government will act swiftly to stimulate the economy by strengthening investment in federal lending agencies such as the Business Development Bank of Canada and Export Development Canada. This partnership between Canada’s financial Crown corporations and private sector financial institutions, in response to credit conditions during the 2008-2009 financial crisis, provided $11 billion of additional credit support to 10,000 firms. In addition, flexible arrangements could be made for businesses trying to meet payment obligations to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Through these and other measures, the Government of Canada will continue to protect the health and safety of all Canadians, ensure economic resilience, and contribute to the international response to COVID-19.

For more information, visit the Government of Canada official website

继2020年3月4日成立加拿大防疫抗疫委员会数日之后,继世界卫生组织(WHO)正式宣布病毒全球大爆发仅几小时之后,特鲁多总理于3月11日在加拿大首都渥太华举行新闻发布会,宣布联邦政府将再投入10亿多加元,用于应对新冠病毒疫情。联邦财政部长比尔·莫诺 (Bill Morneau)、卫生部长帕蒂·哈伊杜 (Patty Hajdu)、首席医疗官谭咏诗 (Theresa Tam) 等参加了新闻发布会。这1亿多加元将用于:

  • 提供0.5亿加元支持加拿大公共卫生署的通讯交流和公共教育工作,从而帮助加拿大人做出明智的决定并采取行动,保护自己和社区的健康。

  • 向各省和地区提供5亿加元的紧急医疗保健拨款,并根据需要支持减灾工作,进一步支持公共卫生防备,包括测试、购置设备,以及在增强监视和监控方面提供支持。财务方面的考虑不应也不会成为医院和卫生系统进行必要准备的障碍。

  • 取消强制性的为期一周的等待期,为在隔离区工作或将要领取就业保险(EI)疾病津贴的自我隔离人士提供支持,以便可以在索赔的第一周领取工资。我们正在探索更多措施来支持其他受疫情影响的加拿大人,包括为那些没有资格获得就业保险疾病津贴的人士提供收入支持。

  • 加强加拿大的“工作共享计划”,因新冠病毒而经历低迷的雇主及其雇员,可以将“工作共享计划”时间从38周增加到76周,从而帮助企业以减少雇员工作时间的方式来避免裁员。

  • 在之前提供0.5亿加元的基础上,再提供1亿加元加强联邦公共卫生建设,包括监管、在国家微生物实验室进行更多测试、以及为原住民和因纽特人社区的备灾提供持续支持。

  • 在最近宣布的用于加拿大冠状病毒研究的2700万加元的基础上,再次提供额外的2.75亿加元资金,增强加拿大的研发能力,包括抗病毒药、疫苗开发和临床试验支持等医学对策的研究。

  • 向加拿大公共卫生局提供0.5亿加元以支持联邦、各省和地区的采购需求,确保充足的个人防护设备(如口罩,口罩和隔离服)的供应。

  • 额外提供0.5亿加元,帮助有需要的国家,支持世界卫生组织和其他合作伙伴,防控世界范围的疫情。




Symptoms and Treatment


1. It will first infect the throat, so the throat will have the dry sore throat feeling which will last for 3 to 4 days一开始病毒会感染喉咙,喉咙会觉得很干,这种感觉大约持续3 - 4天。

2. Then the virus will blend into the nasal fluid and drips into the trachea and enter the lungs, causing pneumonia. This process will take 5 to 6 days. 然后病毒会侵入鼻液,再流入气管,最后进入肺部导致肺炎。这个过程大约持续5-6天。

3. With pneumonia, comes high fever and difficulty in breathing. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You will feel like you are drowning in water. It's important to go seek immediate medical attention if you feel like this. 这个肺炎的表现是高烧和呼吸困难。鼻腔堵塞的感觉跟普通感冒不太一样,你会觉得有一种溺水无法呼吸的感觉。如果发生这种状况的话请及时就医。

About prevention, here are two extra reminders


  1. The most common way of getting infected is by touching things in public, so you must wash your hands frequently. The virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 mins, but a lot can happen in those 5-10 mins (you can rub your eyes or pick your nose unwittingly). 通常最有可能感染的方式是在公共场合触摸了带有病毒的物体,所以记得勤洗手。病毒在你手上只会存活5-10分钟,不过即使是短短的5-10分钟,也要十分警惕(不要用手揉眼睛或者不自觉地抠鼻子);

  2. Aside from washing your hands frequently, you can gargle with Betadine Sore Throat Gargle to eliminate or minimize the germs while they are still in your throat (before dripping down to your lungs). Take extra care and drink plenty of water. 除了勤洗手之外,还可以用漱口水漱口,这样可以杀死或者减少存留在喉咙里的病菌,防止起落入肺部引起肺炎。请一定多加小心,记得多喝热水,茶水,姜水。


Home Quarantine Disinfection Handbook




Home Quarantine Disinfection Handbook





Open windows for fresh air flow every day, opt to mechanical ventilation, such as exhaust fan, when natural ventilation is not possible.


매일 창문을 열어 통풍시키며 자연통풍 불가시 선풍기 등 기계적 통풍을취한다



Clean rooms every day to keep the living environment and objects sanitary.


매일 집안청소를 깨끗이 하며 주거환경과 물품청소를 깨끗이 해야 한다


Personal Hygiene





Pay attention to cough etiquette and hand hygiene. Cover nose and mouth with tissue or elbow when coughing, spitting or sneezing. Wash hands after touching respiratory secreta, before meals and after using toilets, before and after rubbing eyes, after touching pets or poultries, before and after contacting suspected patients.


기침 예의와 손 위생에 주의한다. 기침, 가래 뱉기 혹은 재채기 시 티슈나옷소매로 입과 코를 가린다. 호흡기 분비물 접촉 후, 식사전과 화장실 갔다온 후, 애완동물이나 가축 접촉 후, 감염의심환자 접촉 전후 등 반드시 손을씻어야 한다.



One towel for one person, hang the towel in a dry and well-ventilated place after use.


타올은 한사람이 하나씩 사용하는 원칙으로 하며 사용 후 통풍되는 곳에서말린다.



Throw used tissues, face masks in capped dustbin, clean it every day, fasten the plastic bags before throwing into classified waste container.


사용했던 티슈와 마스크는 반드시 두껑이 있는 쓰레기통에 버리며 날마다버리며 버릴 때 반드시 쓰레기봉투를 꼭 조여 분리수거 쓰레기통에 버린다.



Should you have respiratory symptoms such as fever, coughing and fatigue, please put on disposable surgical mask and seek medical diagnosis and treatment at hospital.


발열, 기침, 몸살 등 호흡기 증상이 있을 경우 일회용 의용마스크를 착용하며 제시간에 내원하여 진찰해야 한다.

三、 日常清洁及预防性消毒

Daily Cleaning and Preventive Disinfection


일상 청소 및 예방성 소독



The living environment and articles shall be mainly cleaned daily and take preventive disinfection as supplemented measure. Avoid over-disinfection. Take cleaning and disinfection measures when contaminated. The disinfection methods are as follows:


환경과 물품은 청결을 위주로 하며 예방성 소독을 보조로 한다. 과분한 소독을 방지해야 한다. 오염되었을 경우 수시로 청결소독한다. 청결소독방법은 아래와 같다:



首选物理消毒,煮沸15-30 分钟,或按说明书使用高温消毒箱(柜)消毒;也可使用含氯消毒剂(有效氯浓度250mg/L~500mg/L)浸泡30 分钟后,再用清水漂洗干净。

1. Tableware and tea ware

First option is physical disinfection, boil for 15 to 30 minutes, or use high temperature sterilizing cabinet by following instructions, or immerse the tableware and tea ware in chlorine disinfectant (effective chlorine concentration 250mg/L~500mg/L) for 30 minutes and rinse well with water.



1.식기와 다구

물리적 소독. 끓는 물에15-30분간 소독하거나 사용설명서에 따라 고온소독기로 소독한다. 염소소독제(농도는250mg/L~500mg/L) 사용가능. 30분간 담그었다가 깨끗이 씻어 말린다.



对台面、门把手、电话机、开关、热水壶把手、洗手盆、坐便器等经常接触的物体表面,可使用含氯消毒剂(有效氯浓度250mg/L~500mg/L)擦拭,作用 30 分钟,再用清水擦净。

2. Surfaces

Wipe surfaces which are exposed to touching frequently, such as table board, doorknob, telephone, switch, kettle handle, basin and toilet, with chlorine disinfectant (effective chlorine concentration 250mg/L~500mg/L) for 30 minutes and rinse well with water.



2. 물체표면

싱크대, 문손잡이, 전화기, 스위치, 커피포트손잡이, 세면대야, 변기 등 경상적으로 접촉하는 물체표면은 염소소독제(농도250mg/L~500mg/L)로 닦아내며30분 뒤 깨끗한 물로 닦는다.



可使用含氯消毒剂(有效氯浓度250mg/L~500mg/L)用拖布湿式拖拭,作用30 分钟,再用清水洗净。

3. Floor

Mop the floor with chlorine disinfectant (effective chlorine concentration 250mg/L~500mg/L) for 30 minutes and clean well with water.



3. 바닥

염소소독제(농도250mg/L~500mg/L)를 사용하여 걸레로 닦으며30분 뒤깨끗한 물로 닦는다.



对毛巾、衣物、被罩等可使用含氯消毒剂(有效氯浓度250mg/L~500mg/L)浸泡30 分钟,再用清水漂洗干净


4. Common textile

Soak towels, cloths, quilt covers with chlorine disinfectant (effective chlorine concentration 250mg/L~500mg/L) for 30 minutes and rinse well with water.

(warning: chlorine disinfectant has bleaching effect to textiles), or use other cloths disinfectant according to instructions.



(注意:塩素含有消毒剤は織物に対して漂白の効果がある) 又は説明書に従って他の衣類消毒液を使用する。

4. 보통편직물

타올, 옷, 이불커버 등은 염소소독제(농도250mg/L~500mg/L)로30분 담구었다가 깨끗한 물로 헹군다.

(주의: 염소소독제는 편직물에 표백작용을 한다) 혹은 옷소독액을 사용설명서에 따라 사용할수 있다.



Common disinfectant and formula


자주 사용하는 소독제 및 조제사용


有效氯浓度 500mg/L 的含氯消毒剂配制方法:

● 84 消毒液(有效氯含量 5%):按消毒液:水为 1:100 比例稀释;

● 消毒粉(有效氯含量 12-13%,20g/包):1 包消毒粉加 4.8L水

● 含氯泡腾片(有效氯含量 480mg/片-580mg/片):1 片溶于 1L水

1. Formula for chlorine disinfectant with effective chlorine concentration of 500mg/L:

● 84 Liquid Disinfectant (effective chlorine content 5%): dilution ratio: disinfectant: water is 1:100

●Powder disinfectant (effective chlorine content 12-13%, 20g/bag): 1 bag powder disinfectant adds 4.8L of water

● Chlorine-containing effervescent tablets (effective chlorine content 480mg/tablet-580mg/tablet): one tablet for 1L of water.


● 84消毒液(有効塩素含有量5%):消毒液と水は1:100の比率で希釈する

● 消毒パウダー(有効塩素12―13%、20g/パック):1パックの消毒パウダーには4.8L水で希釈する

● 塩素含有発泡錠(有効塩素量480mg/錠―580mg/錠):1錠には1Lの水で溶ける

1.효과적인 염소농도500mg/L 소독제 조제방법

● 84소독액(염소농도5%: 소독액과 물 비율1:100으로 희석한다.

● 소독가루(염소농도12-13%,20g/포): 소독가루1포에 물4.8L

● 염소함유발포약(염소농도480mg/片-580mg/알):1알에1L의 물 희석


使用75%乙醇消毒液: 直接使用。

75% ethyl alcohol disinfectant: use directly


75%의 알콜을 직접 사용한다.



prepare other kinds of disinfectant to the concentration able to sterilize intestinal bacteria according to the product introduction.


기타 소독액을 제품설명서에 따라 장도 멸균 농도에 따라 조제하고 사용한다.







Chlorine disinfectant is irritative to skin mucous membrane. Please wear mask and glove when preparing and using, Children are not allowed to touch.


염소소독제는 피부점막에 자극성이 있다. 조제와 사용시 마스크와 장갑을사용하여야 하며 어린이가 슆게 닿지 않는 곳에 보관한다.



Keep away from fire when using ethyl alcohol disinfectant.


알콜소독액은 불을 피해야 한다.

Go World 世界加油!


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